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In the 50's


Campus Study Group: Austin, Texas


Visits to Iona Community and Taize Community (France)


Study Community of University Students


Researching dynamics of culture and mission

Researching models of community


Development of community rituals, using contemporary poetry (T.S. Eliot, e. e. cummings)


Researching existential philosophy and theology

Development of religious studies curriculum


Researching community discipline, practice, and operating structures

Further research into theology and mission


16 theological studies combined into the Religious Studies 1 course

Experiments with focusing mission outside the community

In the 60's


Created image of three tasks: 1. Contextual Re-Education 2. Structural Reformulation 3. Spirit Remotivation

Basic images of model building formed from Dietrich Bonhoeffer and C. Wright Mills

RS-1 taught on a regular basis


The 20th Century Cultural Revolution (CS-1) course created & taught

Development of the corporate study method

Creating the charting method


Joseph Wesley Mathews called to be Dean of the Evanston Institute for Ecumenical Studies

Seven families move from Austin study group to accept directorship of the Institute

Time article on the roots of the Ecumenical Institute in Texas


Decision to move to the West Side of Chicago: seven families buy Bethany Seminary and move in

Launching of the Fifth City community development project

Secular ritual experimentation

Trips to Europe and Africa for geo-social analysis


Fifth City grid created of 16 square blocks with 5000 people divided in stakes to handle neighbourhood issues

Formation of The Institute of Cultural Affairs as a program division of the Ecumenical Institute


Yr1965Summerresearch][Summer research assembly created]]

Summer '65 for training and research

Creation of community reformulation methods and presuppositions

Creation of the global grid

Nation & World course

Order Ecumenical created



Fifth City Preschool curriculum created

5th City Preschool opens to deal with the victim image

Metro Meetings in North America

Fifth City Jets program

Summer Teacher Training Institute


Research assembly on training the Spirit Movement

World Religions course Ur Images created

First use of Order (Congolese) Cross

First Fifth City festivals

North America grid created

Trips to Latin America, Middle East and South East Asia.

Researching the New Religious Mode


Summer research assembly on the New Religious Mode

The Declaration of the Spirit Movement written

Offices opened in Boston, Atlanta, South Chicago and Kuala Lumpur

Launched Urban Academy for ghetto leadership

Established the Global Academy: 8-week training program


Global Academy in five locations

Development of the Odyssey

First Children's Summer Program

Study of John of the Cross

First evening study groups

Seven more offices established overseas,

75 courses taught across Australia

First ITI

In the 70's


Summer research: a tactical system for local renewal

Researching the secular-religious

Intensified training and core curriculum teaching

Global Academy and Urban Academy taught each quarter

Reading and Research Project

First offices in Canada at Montreal and Winnipeg


Summer research assembly on the social process

Vision creation, contradictions analysis and 77 proposals for the whole society

Social Process Triangles created out of corporate research

Facilitated planning process created

ITIs in India and Hong Kong

Welcome to the United States of America

Eight buildings rehabbed in 5th City

Kemper Insurance Gifts ICA in the US with its Former Head Office Building


Massive Move of US Staff From 5th City to Kemper Building

Summer research assembly on the New Social Vehicle, the Pressure Points and Whistle Points

The Other World in the Midst of This World : phenomenology and exercises

Development of more rituals: The Grand Ball, The Fast, the Watch.

The Turn Symbol is created

Working on the globe through 54 areas


Summer Research Assembly on the form and tactics of the guild

The Uptown Project in Chicago

Development of the Cabaret as a community tool

ICA incorporated as a separate entity in USA

Fifth City celebrates "A Decade of Miracles"

Offices in all major urban centres in North America


Summer research assembly on mass awakenment and local development

Study of The Dark Night of the Soul

Casteneda: The Hunter Warrior mythology

The Man of La Mancha movie

Development of Global Language School

Local Community Convocations


First Town Meeting '76

Summer research assembly creates community forum program This was actually in summer of 1974!-- SharonFisher - 06 Jun 2006

Research into multiple community development projects

Training, Inc. is launched as business training school

Global Women's Forum

The Maliwada Consult


Research assembly launches Band of 24 Human Development Projects

Community Forum strategy created

Study of Sun Tzu and Musashi

Secular ritual creation

Global Community Forums, Women's Forums and Youth Forums held around the world

ITIs expand

The Band of 24 launched

Town Meeting strategy,

The Human Development Training School

Tagore Ritual

Global Community Forums, Town Meeting Global Women Forums

ITIs in Caracas, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Zambia and Kenya


GRA focus on Global Servant Force

Development of the Maneuver Method

The Gospel According to St Mathew (movie);

Qualities of Profound Humanness

ICAI founded

Band of 24 Completed

The McDonald's Project

Order Polity Document

The first Journal

Death of JWM October 17


GRA: The Seven Revolutions, the Framing Method,

Primal Community

The New Reality.

Our Town.

Commissioning of Global Panchayat

The Economic Community Forum

Community Forum campaigns in 32 nations

Launch of +26 new HDPs

LENS with Fortune 500

Global Priors Council


The Global Symposium,

HDTIs in Kenya Philippines, Indonesia, Korea

4130 Town Meetings held in 1979

Replication in 232 Maharashtran villages.

ICA has 107 offices in 40 nations.

Cluster village Consults held.

Kenya replication

LENS International formed

In the 80's


GRA: Symposium on Human Development in the 80s.

14 HDTIs held

Regional Consults held in India, the UK, Peru, Zambia, US and Indonesia

Project Documentation Labs in 43 HDPs

The New Paradigm

Lens Seminars in 93 locations

2261 Community Forums


Training Inc. starts in Indianapolis

Publication of The Image

Regional consults in 62

Formation Fortnight In Brussels

Block consults in Maharashtra

Flowering of the New Village Movement in Kenya

European volunteer movement


GRAs in multiple Locations

Global Thinktanks

Brussels Service Ventures Business.

Testing IERD and building steering committees

Global Advisory Board

Lamego Project in Portugal

GRA on the Role of Technology


Launch of 16-month Year of the Global Order Council

Employment Taskforce i

Project Documentation Labs


IERD Plenary in Delhi

Order Council In Jaipur, India

Films: The Courage to Care, The Global Brain

The Pilgrimage

200Kenyan villages


The Planetary Connection" explores a new kit bag of spirit tools and myths

The rise of staff-operated businesses in ICA

The transition from pedagogues to facilitators

The creation of Facilitation Skills and Facilitated Planning seminars

Phase III of IERD: Sharing Approaches That Work

ICA's Consultative Status with UN


The Planetary Vision Quest" Marilyn Ferguson, Fritjof Capra and Jean Houston

"The Hero's Journey"

Training, Inc. opens in New Jersey

Council In Bilbao, Spain

Maliwada Documentation Team Visit

The Breakthrough Teams

Skunkworks I and II with Marty Seldman

Facilitation programs take off


Attendance at Jean Houston's Mystery School and Human Capacities School

New Horizons in Learning in Guatemala for 400 educators

Training, Inc. receives award for "best social invention"

THE NODE: newsletter initiated in Toronto


Research Colloquy in Swartswood, NJ with Jean Houston, Willis Harman, Dee Dickinson et al.

Edges Magazine launched in Toronto

Training, Inc. Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. open

Conference in Oaxtepec Nov. 1998: phases out assignment and OE structures; market place on new possibilities

Education Reformulation begins in Panvel

ERD series of books published


Offices in SE Asia occasion deep structural changes in corporations

Publication of "Winning Through Participation"

APC electronic network links many ICA offices

ICAI Directory published

ICA Appreciative Inquiry

Development of professional and facilitation services as income ventures

Network meetings begin in Dallas and Pittsburgh

In the 90's


ICA receives consultative status with various UN bodies

Southern Africa Grassroots Training Program:ICA Zambia

Development education programs, e.g.

The Machakos Game

Rite of Passage for 6th Graders

Global Conference in Taipei

Community development work continues in 18 nations


31 independent ICA affiliates operate in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific

Training, Inc. New Orleans opens

Several new experiments in imaginal education in Denver, Chicago, Toronto

"SAVE" Program initiated in Zambia to promote sustainable agricultural development (funded by CIDA)

Organization development programs


45 ICA locations linked by Econet

Manual developed for FS-1 and FS-2

"Leadership Options" program in Chicago for educators

Rite of Passage journeys continue

ICA International General Assembly in Prague

Facilitation training courses take off

Development of Lifestyle Simplification Lab


Publication of Participation Works (James Troxel ed.)

Organizational Transformation Network (Asia) continues to meet

Memorial for Joe Pierce

Programs initiated in Russia from the US

ToP Trainers Network gathers strength


ICA Croatia initiated

IAF launched

Spanish translation of Winning through Participation

ICA: Colquitt Swamp Gravy Institute

Community Programs in East Asia

ICA international meeting Lonavala, India

ICA Egypts Ru'Ya magazine

ICA Canada 8217 training courses


1995 First IAF Conference in Denver

JamesTroxeled/)?topicparent=Main.YearIndex" rel="nofollow" title="Create this topic">1995 Publication of Government Works (James Troxel ed.)

1995 Initiatives published as national newsletter of ICA: USA


Taiwan creates Imaginal Learning Lab

"Golden Pathways" CD-ROM created from Chicago archives.

ICA International Conference in Cairo

First facilitation training course in UK

ICA US launches Adult Wilderness Quest"

ICA USA launches international facilitation training (ITopToT)


Publication of Beyond Prince and Merchant (John Burbidge ed.)

Publication of The Art of Focused Conversation (Brian Stanfield ed.)

North American, Japan, and ICAI Web sites launched


Opening of :ICA offices in Ghana,Tanzania, Uganda, Nepal, Sri Lanka

ICAI General Assembly

1998 ICA Canada creates eight courses, two intensives and an Advanced Facilitation Program

ICA Japan hosts multinational program

UK Programme Development Team formed

Completed life of Lyn Edwards Mathews


Publication of The Life of Liza Todd (John Burbidge)

ICA Canada creates for-profit ICA Associates Inc.

In The First Decade of 2000


New ICA offices in Cameroon, Colombia and Ecuador

he Courage to Lead (Brian Stanfield)

The Circle of Life (B. Pesek, D. Dunn, E. Elizondo)

ICA Taiwan Open Space Technology Series

ICAI Conference: Denver

Order Reunion in Vail, Colorado

ICA:UK incorporated






Elizabeth Houde Becomes First ICA US Chief Executive


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