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  • Hi I was looking for the Meditation lecture, and found one on the Golden Pathways section. But it is corrupted. I have now found it on my Golden Pathways CD and could send it in to be put on the website. I also found the missing image from the Being lecture. How can I submit these? -- RichardMaguire - 24 Nov 2009 - 01:21
  • Len, Gordon or Tim: I recently published a volume of poetry, about 100 pages, in a pdf file. Is it appropriate to upload this? If so, where? Rod -- RodRippel - 05 Jan 2008 - 18:22
  • I like the idea of a member publications section. It would encourage participation. Actually both ideas are fine.

Len -- LenHockley - 19 Jun 2007 - 10:15
  • Jon --

Yes, I know--since Portland, I even possess a copy! I'm even planning to read it Real Soon Now.

A couple of thoughts. We might well expand the Portal page, which already includes a link to Walters' Resurgence Publishing site and to Cock's books, to provide a window to Order Member Publications. This could then be where to place a brief note and link to your website and the book info.

The other thing that occurs to me is that you could, if you wished, Jon, post on the Repository an excerpt from the book, with a link at the end to your site or Amazon or whatever. I often find Amazon's practice of doing this helpful.

So either of these or both of them would be great. Tim, Len, what do you think of the Portal expansion idea?

Gordon -- GordonHarper - 18 Jun 2007 - 15:06
  • Dear Tim, Gordon and Len

Maureen and I have published a book based on the New Religious Mode called the Nine Disciplines of a Facilitator. You can see it at I was wondering if it is appropriate to put a reference to it on this site?

JonJenkins -- JonJenkins - 18 Jun 2007 - 03:46
  • Dear Tim, Gordon and Len -- I have a html version of the Social Processes with Brian Stanfields and Maureen's articles, all 6 levels, a text version, social dynamics, and the imbalances. all combined they are big files. How can I send them to you? best Jon -- JonJenkins - 21 May 2007 - 14:28 (Answer -- -- Jon, how big? You can email, or zip it up and attach to your page here. I'll send you an email about this. TimWegner)

  • Today marks a NEW BEGINNING now that we are using a new browser (FireFox), thanks to a house-call by our friend/techy Mike. He even put my photo in the right place; it seemed apropos to me that it be my birthday photo, since an hour later I was on the way to the airport to be in Chicago working for several days with our LivingLegacy team to set-up all the events for November...Gala, Symposium and Mathews Library dedication. Hope to see many of you there! -- EllenHowie - 21 Jul 2006 - 10:18

  • I forgot name and password, ... -- BobHanson - 25 Jun 2006 - 18:19

  • Bob, I copied your question to HelpMe and answered you there. -- TimWegner - 26 Jun 2006

  • I just left a note on the two mailing lists, here's hoping more vistors let us know they were here! -- TimWegner - 25 Jun 2006 - 16:19

  • Nice, Tim--your check is in the mail!! -- GordonHarper - 12 Jun 2006

  • Great site, I can hardly believe it, brilliant design, subtle yet stunning historical insight, Gordon, you are a genius!! Well done!! -- TimWegner - 30 May 2006

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  • Hey, Everyone! If you haven't seen Beret Griffith's Chronological History of ICA, you are missing a treat. Check it out! -- GordonHarper - 06 Jul 2006

  • Warm greetings to colleagues old and new all across the globe. May your visit here bring you joy! -- GordonHarper - 10 Jun 2006

  • First post!! Tim was here! Hi Phyllis and Roxana! -- TimWegner - 30 May 2006

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