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Quick Tips for adding your material here:

Find the location that you are interested in in, either the Global Map or the Global Area Grid. Set your cursor over that location until its Twiki name pops up. Click on this pop up and one of two things will happen.
  1. A location page appears with other entries on it, or
  2. A menu appears with an admonition that this page is yet to be created.
Right now most locations are of the second type where no page has yet been created. To create the page go down to the third option on the menu "If you would like to create this page:" and click on the link to create the page.

Now that you have created a page, options 1 & 2 above have come together and you can enter data on the location page. (For instructions on how to add data to a page see AddingData.)

United States United States Mexico Guatemala

Belize Canada El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Cuba Jamaica Haiti Dominican Republic Colombia Venezuela Guyana Suriname French Guyana (France) Ecuador

Peru Bolivia Paraguay Brazil Chile Argentina Falkland Islands (UK) South Georgia and Sandwich Islands (UK) Uruguay Greenland (Denmark) Iceland Ireland United Kingdom Norway Norway Sweden Finland

Russia Portugal Spain France Belgium Netherlands Denmark Germany Switzerland Poland Czech Republic Austria Italy Slovenia Croatia Bosnia Slovakia

Hungary Serbia and Montenegro Romania Moldova Albania Macedonia Bulgaria Greece Turkey Cyprus Syria Beirut Israel Jordan Iraq Kuwait Saudi Arabia

Qatar United Arab Emirates Oman Yemen Georgia Armenia Azerbaijan Iran Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Afghanistan Pakistan China Mongolia

North Korea South Korea Japan Taiwan (China) India Nepal Bhutan Bangladesh India Burma Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Laos Sri Lanka Estonia Latvia

Lithuania Belarus Turkey Morocco Algeria Tunisia Libya Egypt Western Sahara Mauritania Senegal The Gambia Guinea-Bissau Guinea Sierra Leone Liberia Ivory Coast

Burkina Faso Mali Niger Ghana Togo Benin Nigeria Cameroon Central African Republic Chad Sudan Eritrea Djibouti Ethiopia Somalia Kenya Uganda

Rwanda Burundi Tanzania Equatorial Guinea Gabon Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Angola Namibia Lesotho Swaziland South Africa Zambia Botswana Zimbabwe Mozambique Madagascar

Malawi Malaysia Malaysia Philippines Indonesia East Timor Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands New Caledonia (France) Vanuatu Fiji TONGA Marshall Islands Micronesia Northern Mariana Islands New Zealand Australia

United States French Polynesia (France) Brunei Singapore

Global Area Grid

AreaMoskow AreaSyktyvkar AreaBudapest AreaOdessa AreaTashkent AreaTrkutsk

AreaIstanbul AreaTeheran AreaBeirut AreaCairo AreaAddisAbaba AreaAlgers

AreaStockholm AreaLondon AreaBrussels AreaFrankfurt AreaParis AreaVienna

AreaEdmonton AreaMontreal AreaSanFrancisco AreaChicago AreaNewYork AreaHouston

AreaKarachi AreaDelhi AreaDacca AreaCalcutta AreaBombay AreaMadras

AreaTokyo AreaHongKong AreaSingapore AreaSuva AreaSydney AreaBangkok

AreaAbidhan AreaLagos AreaDouala AreaKinshasa AreaNairobi AreaJohannesburg

AreaMexicoCity AreaHabana AreaCaracas AreaLima AreaLReoDeJaneiro AreaBuenosAires AreaUlanBato AreaChungKing AreaLhasa AreaShanghai AreaPeking AreaCanton

Bayad El Arab, Egypt


5th City

Bontoa Pictures
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