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This is the place to find answers to questions about how to use this site or how to get something done. Write your question here just below the line, so the latest question is on top. Come back later and see if anyone has answered it. We'll monitor this regularly. Of course anyone can come here and help answer questions. As this page grows, you can come here to see other peoples questions, and answers. Please leave a signature so we can see who asked the question, this will make it easier to help you.

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  • I noticed that an item in Bubun refers to Order Stories that refers to Recent changes. This seems like danger hooking to Recent changes and points to a difficulty in moving data from one place to another.

Specifically, I have put an item "TestSizing" in the Sandbox. I would like to move it into the Main Web. Do I just cut and past item into new heading and then how to transfer uploaded files?

Len -- LenHockley - 10 Nov 2010
  • Hi Len, Go to the bottom of the page. Click "show attachments" if attachment is not visible. Next to the 24_Demonstrations.bmp attachment, click "manage". The you will see an option on the right to "move". Click that. You can move the attachment to another page. -- TimWegner - 21 May 2009 - 00:14

  • Hi Tim, I attached the image of the "24 Demonstrations" along with David R's report on the "Economic Development Trek" under "Social Demonstrations". Now I want to change make it a separate entry but how can I reference the image in the new entry without upload it again.
Len Len -- LenHockley - 14 May 2009 - 21:40

  • Thanks, Tim. I did delete the garbled file and uploaded one that works. However, the old file name still appears in "Spiritual Path" ... how to remove? Wesley Lachman -- WesleyLachman - 01 Dec 2006 - 20:44

Just click EDIT or WYSIWYG on that page in the upper right (depending on which editor you want to use) and cut the old file reference out.

  • How do I get rid of the garbage that came along with my upload of a Word file into Spiritual Path in Sandbox? Wesley Lachman -- WesleyLachman - 28 Nov 2006 - 13:49

Glad to see you here, Wes! If you mean make the link so it opens in word, you can delete the attachment and upload again using a file name with the .doc extension. If you mean something else, let me know. To delete the attachment, click "show attachments" near the bottom, the "manage attachments" button near the attachment listing. Let me know if this makes sense. -- TimWegner - 01 Dec 2006

  • I forgot name and password, also is this simple, not for all, but thanks for this gift. -- BobHanson - 25 Jun 2006 - 18:19

Bob, you are doing great, like anything else there's a bit of learning. If you forget your password, go to: The system will reset your password and email it to you, after which you can change it to something memorable. You need your user name to reset the password, if you forgot your user name, just browse the list of users, see the left sidebar, click on "Users". -- TimWegner - 26 Jun 2006

  • I can go to edit and delete something written. But how do I delete the topic? Phyllis -- PhyllisHockley - 25 Jun 2006 - 19:43

Go to the page of the topic you wish to delete. At the bottom right, slect "more topic actions". There you will see an option to move a topic. Move it to the "Trash" web. -- TimWegner - 26 Jun 2006

How to see an attachment

I'm enjoying the site --so far. When I was making my Profile, I attached a family photo (which the system renamed to include; I thought), but I don't know where it is. Can you help me??

SharonFisher - 06 Jun 2006


Sure can! When you upload an attachment, you should tick the box that says "make a link". OK, so you didn't, what to do?

1. Go to the bottom of the page where the attachment is.

2. You should see your attachment in a list at the bottom. Under "action" click the link that says "manage".

3. This takes you to a whole lot of things you can do with the attachment.

4. Under properties, tick the box "create a link"

5. click "change comment and properties only"

6. Voila! Your attachment shows. Then if you edit the page, you can find the code that displays the attachment, and you could cut and past it to a different position if you like.

-- TimWegner - 06 Jun 2006

Note - we have changed the default behavior of Foswiki so that now if you upload an attachment, the "Make a Link" box is checked by default, and you will likely not experience Sharon's problem.

-- TimWegner - 10 Jun 2006

Follow-on Question

Thanks, Tim. The photo does show now (quite large) and way at the bottom of the page. How can I make it appear to the right of my profile data?

Sharon -- SharonFisher - 07 Jun 2006

Follow-on Discussion to Follow-on Question smile

Sharon, I just installed a Foswiki plugin that helps maniplulate images. There are examples in the sandbox here: ImgPluginEx2 . I tried this on your page, kind of half a victory. Yes it shows on the right, but I haven't figured out how to make it show to the right of the information form. Notice if you click on the image on the righthand side you see the full size image.

Also, notice that the image at the bottom is smaller. It's easy to shrink using the WYSIWYG editor, but it's probably easy to shrink it in the regular editor also by editing the image dimensions. I noticed you uploaded some smaller attachments. That's a good idea because it saves disk space compared to uploading a too-big image and using the tricks I'm showing you here. But be aware you are NOT stuck showing an image full-size. (By the way, I left a variation on the bottom image for you, but you can delete it whenever you want. Deleting the code that displays an image is not the same as deleting the image file itself.)

(later) You can get rid of that personal data form on your page - when you edit your page you'll see an offer to change the form. We only have one form so far, but you can specifiy "none". You can edit away a lot of the default

If some of what I'm saying is a bit mysterious let me know and I'll explain more. You seem to be a pretty quick study yes

-- TimWegner - 07 Jun 2006

Uploading Photos: Note to David McCleskey:

I noticed that you uploaded a couple of pictures of yourself and Pat as Word documents on your personal User page. When you do that, they stay invisible on the page until someone clicks on the file name, which downloads it to their computer, and then they open it with their software (in this case, MS Word). A somewhat long route to seeing a picture on the page.

I took the liberty of downloading one of your Word documents, taking out the picture and saving it as a .png file, then uploading it back to your personal page. This file type displays automatically on the page. If you look at your page now, you'll see the photo open on it, which I suspect is what you'd prefer.

I also moved it further up on your page so that people who visit will be more likely to see it. The Word files you uploaded are still there at the bottom of the page, of course.

-- GordonHarper - 19 Jun 2006

Creating a New Page in Reflective Writings

I created a new section in Reflective Writings on that I called The Future of ICA. Unfortunately, for the life of me I could not figure out how to attach the above essay I wrote. I was hoping to have a link like the one you have to Tennyson's poem. No such luck. After fooling with it the past 30 minutes, I've decided to admit defeat and turn to the master. Would you please attach it for me?

Richard Wilkinson


Congratulations! You obviously succeeded in creating the new topic--The Future of ICA--on the Reflective Writings page, just got stymied putting your new page with the essay up under that topic. Since you may wish to post again in the future, here are the steps I used to add your piece.

  1. First, I selected and copied the text from your document to the Windows clipboard, where I left it until I'd call for it later. Then I went to the Reflective Writings page, into Edit mode and to your new topic at the bottom.
  2. Hit Return a couple times to make space under the topic, then put in the brackets to tell the system to create a new page--a short Wiki word in the first, the actual words of your title in the second. Hit Save.
  3. This took me back to the Reflective Writings page, where I found the new title listed under your topic, with a question mark after it. Clicked on the ? mark to create the new page.
  4. This put me in Edit mode on the new page. I typed in the title of your essay with the dashes and plusses to make it a title and then pasted your text from the Windows Clipboard under that title. Hit Save again.

That was basically it. Checked to see if it looked OK. If a little tweaking is in order, it's always easy to go back into Edit mode, do it, Save and have another look.

-- GordonHarper - 21 Jun 2006

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