The Catalog Listing of Talks and Songs

Paul Evans Tape Archive: (Walt Epley’s boxes as of 10/28/09)

Summer 72 Other World Trek Lectures
Cassette 1: 3 Jul 72
Context for “Words of Jesus and The Other World” conversations, by Don Cramer
Disciplined Corporateness, by Jim Bishop
The Other World Context for Trek Lectures, by David Scott
Progress Report on Research on the NSV, by Jim Wiegel
Cassette 2: 27 Jul 72
Report on the Local Church Project, by Don Cramer
Spirit Trek XVI – The Endless Life, by Gene Marshall
Cassette 3: 26 Jul 72
New Individual and New Society Course, by David McClesky
Spirit Trek XV – The Unspeakable Joy, by Charles Moore
Cassette 4: 25 Jul 72
The Religious Practices, by Rick Loudermilk
Spirit Trek XIV – The Unknowable Peace, by Fred Hess
Cassette 5: 23 Jul 72
Turning Matter Into Spirit, by James Mathews
The 20-year March As Love, by Joe Mathews
24 Jul 72 Spirit Trek XIII – The Radical Illumination, by George West
Cassette 6: 18 Jul 72 Trek X – The Universal Concern, by Jack Baringer
19 Jul 72 Trek XI – The Singular Mission, by Ron Clutz
20 Jul 72 Trek XI – Cont – Out of the Dark Night
Trek XII – The Transparent Power, by Pat Scott
Cassette 7: 12 Jul 72 Trek VII – The Moral Ground, by John Baggett
13 Jul 72 Trek VIII – The Final Accountability, by David McClesky
17 Jul 72 Trek IX – The Original Gratitude, by John Cock
Cassette 8: 9 Jul 72 Role of the Movement in the next 20 years, by Joseph Mathews
11 Jul 72 Trek VI – The Creative Existence, by Aimee Hilliard
7 Jul 72 Trek IV – The Infinite Passion, by Gene Marshall
12, 13 Jul 72 Singing
Cassette 9: 6 Jul 72 Proposals and Systematic Design, by Steve Allen
Trek III – The Transformed State, by Joe Slicker
11 Jul 72 Trek VI – The Creative Existence, by Aimee Hilliard
Cassette 10: 5 Jul 72 Trek II – The Inescapable Power in Life, by Don Cramer
Strategy of the Movement for the Next 20 Years, by George Walters
10 Jul 72 Trek V – The Authentic Relation, by Fred Buss
Cassette 11: 4 Jul 72 Trek I – The Aweful Encounter, by David Scott
10 Jul 72 Tactical Thinking Context for Second Week, by David McClesky
5 Jul 72 Singing
Ideology and Contradictions by David McClesky

Cassette 12: 3 Jul 72 Singing
Context Lecture: The Recovery of The Other World, by Joseph Mathews
4 Jul 72 Singing
Scripture Conversation, by Bill Bailey
Tactical System – First Pillar by Steve Allen

Sanctification Lectures – Summer 73
Cassette 13: Latin American Music
Cassette 14: (Jeju ITI 18 Aug 75) Yellow Ur Lecture, by Chen I An
Cassette 15: Japanese Songs
Cassette 16: 3 Jul 73 Sanctification Lecture Radical Integrity by George Holcombe
5 Jul 73 Sanctification Lecture The Aweful League by Joe Crocker
Cassette 17: 5 Jul 73 Tactics, by Larry Ward
6 Jul 73 Life as Wonder, by Doris Hahn
Cassette 18: 7 Jul 73 Movie Conversation on “The Gospel According to St. Matthew”, by Joe Crocker
9 Jul 73 In the River (or) Life As Freedom, by Bill Bailey
Cassette 19: 9 Jul 73 St. John of the Cross Seminar (including charting), by Joe Crocker
10 Jul 73 Life as Concern, by George West
Cassette 20: 12 Jul 73 Sanctification in the Post-Modern World, by Carlos Ollison
13 Jul 73 Justification/Sanctification/Jesus by Bob Fishel
Cassette 21: 15 Jul 73 Uptown 5 Report, by George Holcombe
Cabaret Band & The Sophisticates
Report of the Assembly, by Joe Slicker
Week 3 Opening Plenary
The Planning Dimension of The Guild, by Joe Slicker
Context & Dynamics (Spirit Life), by Justin Morrill
Cassette 22: 15 Jul 73Context & Dynamics, including Song Context, by Justin Morrill
Servant Forces/Practics by Carlos Zervigon
Task of this Group (Guild VII)(Includes good brief outline of the 9 pressure points and
tactics, by Jon Jenkins
16 Jul 73 Review of “Form of the Guild”, by Maureen Jenkins
LENS Lab, by Gary Tomlinson
Frame of The Guild, by Don Cramer
Logistics of The Guild, by Jim Wiegel
Cassette 23: 16 Jul 73Cabaret Conversation/Song Conversation- Blue Moon, by Joe Crocker
Orientation, by David McClesky
What is a PSU?, Jan Dodds
17 Jul 73 The New Form of The City, by Don Cramer
Cassette 24: 17 Jul 73 Historical Orders of the Church (and Q & A), by Rick Loudermilk
18 Jul 73 The Ecumenical Parish, by George Holcombe
Cassette 25: 19 Jul 73 Movement & Social Avalanche
20 Jul 73Universal Benevolence, by John Baggett
Profound Integrity, by David McClesky
Cassette 26: 20 Jul 73 Profound Integrity
20 Jul 73 Endless Felicity, by George Walters
21 Jul 73 The Religious Life by John Cock
Cassettte 27: 21 Jul 73 The Religious Life, by John Cock
22 Jul 73 3rd Week Plenary
23 Jul 73 Resurgence and the New Style, by Jon Jenkins

Box 2, LENS Pedagogy (box)
Cassette 28: Mexico ICA Conference Talk by Andrew Young
Cassette 29: 1 – 3 Jun 73 LENS Pedagogy - Opening Meal Context by Jon Jenkins
Meal Conversation by Ann Epps
Friday Night Lecture Outline by Jon Jenkins
Purpose of course etc., think tank
Outline of 3 middle lectures
Cassette 30: 1 – 3 Jun 73 LENS Pedagogy - Sat. Breakfast Intro by Rona Earle
Breakfast Conv. By Robert McClellan
Ronin Reading
Political Lecture by Betty Johnston
Political Think Tank by Bill Bingham
Cassette 31: 1 – 3 Jun 73 LENS Pedagogy – Political Think Tank (cont. from Cass. 30)
Political Think Tank Plenary by Bill Bingham
Pedagogy Comments by Jon Jenkins
Sat. Noon Meal Intro by Bert Dyson
Sat. Noon Meal Conversation by Ellis Bliss
Cassette 32: 1 – 3 Jun 73 LENS Pedagogy – Economic Lecture by Ben Ball
Economic Think Tank by Marianne Mann
Economic Think Tank Plenary by Marianne Mann
Cassette 33: (missing)
Cassette 34: 1 – 3 Jun 73 LENS Pedagogy – Cultural Think Tank (cont. from Cass 33?)
Cultural Think Tank Plenary by Clancy Mann
Ronin reading by Gerry Evans
Cassette 35: 1 – 3 Jun 73 LENS Pedagogy – Sunday Breakfast Intro by Oscar Sperstad
Sunday Breakfast Conversation by Jim Phillips
Intro and Walk-through of Sunday Lecture and Think Tank by Jon Jenkins
Pedagogical Walk-through of Sunday Lecture by Jon Jenkins
Cassette 36: 1 – 3 Jun 73 LENS Pedagogy – Questions & Answers about LENS Course by Jon
Summer 73 Recruitment
Ques. And Answers about LENS
Sunday Noon Meal – Hostess Betty Hill
Conversation by Jon Jenkins
Ronin by Fred Hamen

Cassette 37: (RM-A 4 Oct. 71) The New Religious Mode, by John Baggett
(CS-1 4 Oct. 71) The Scientific Revolution, by Terry Loomis

Cassette 38: (CS-1 4 Oct. 71) The Urban Revolution, by Maurice Bolin
(RM-A 5 Oct. 71) Meditation, by Jim Schott

Cassette 39: (CS-1 5 Oct. 71) The Secular Revolution, by Gene Marshall
(CS-1 5 Oct. 71) Contextual Ethics, by Brian Stanfield
Cassette 40: (RM-A 6 Oct 71) Prayer, by Gene Marshall
(RM-A 7 Oct 71) Contemplation, by Terry Loomis
Cassette 41: (RM-D16 Nov. 71) Spirit Formulation, by Terry Loomis
(RS-IIC 16 Nov. 71) The Covenant People, by David Lazear
Cassette 42: (RS-IIC 16 Nov. 71) The Writings, by John Epps
(RM-D 17 Nov. 71) The Formulated Spirit, by Brian Stanfield
Cassette 43: (RS-IIC17 Nov 71) The Law (cont)
(RM-D 17 Nov 71) Life Affirming Life (Contentless Christ), by George West
Brown Ur Image
Cassette 44: (RM-D18 Nov. 71) The League, by John Baggett
19 Nov 71 - Collegium – Movement Research, by David McClesky
Cassette 45: (CS-IIB 18 Oct 71) Political Dimension (cont), by Terry Loomis
Poverty, by Kjell Knutsen
(RM-B 19 Oct 71) Poverty (cont)
(CS-IIB 19 Oct 71) Cultural Dimension, by John Baggett
Cassette 46: (RM-B 19 Oct 71) Cultural Dimention (cont)
(CS-IIB 19 Oct 71) History, by Brian Stanfield
(RM-B 20 Oct. 71) Obedience, by Terry Loomis
Cassette 47: (RM-B 21 Oct 71) Chastity, by Gene Marshall
(CS-IIIB 22 Oct 71) Report on 5th City, by Frank Hilliard
Cassette 48: (RM-C 1 Nov. 71) The Journies, by John Baggett
(RS-IIB9 Nov. 71) The Synoptics, by John Baggett
Cassette 49: (RM-C 3 Nov. 71) Transparent Knowing, by Tom Langenfelter
(RM-C4 Nov. 71) The Spirit Journey, by Gene Marshall
Cassette 50: (RM-C 12 Nov 71)
Transparent Doing, by Kjell Knutsen
(RM-C 3 Nov. 71) Spirit Journies, by Gene Marshall
(RS-IIB 9 Nov. 71) The Synoptics, by John Baggett

Cassette 51: RS-I 9 Oct 71
Sat. Night Meal Introd & Guernica Conversation, by Brian Stanfield
Sun Morn. Worship Intro, by Gene Marshall
Sun Morn. Worship Witness, by Maurice Bolin
Sunday Breakfast Intro & Vocation Conversation, by John Baggett
(RS-I) Church Lecture, by Brian Stanfield
Niebuhr Introduction, by Gene Marshall
Cassette 52: (RS-I 10 Oct 71)
Neibuhr Seminar, by Gene Marshall
Cassette 53: Cheshire RS-I 17 Feb 74:
Church Lecture, by Joyce Ollison
(RS-I) Niebuhr Seminar, by Frank Cookingham
Cassette 54: (RS-I 9 Oct 71)
Freedom Lecture, by Kay Hayes
(RS-I) Beginning of Bonhoeffer Seminar, by John Baggett
Cassette 55: (Cheshire RS-I 17 Feb 74)
Niebuhr Seminar (cont) by Frank Cookingham
Cassette 56: (RS-I 8 Oct 71)
Question of God Lecture, by Terry Loomis
(RS-I) Bultmann Seminar, by Brian Stanfield

Cassette 57: (RS-I 8 Oct 71)
Bultmann Seminar (cont)
(RS-I) Saturday Morning Worship Intro, by Terry Loomis
(RS-I) Saturday Morning Worship Witness, by Kay Hayes
(RS-I) Christ Lecture, by John Baggett
Cassette 58: (RS-I 9 Oct 71)
Christ Lecture (cont), by John Baggett
(RS-I) Tillich Seminar, by Gene Marshall
Cassette 59: (Cheshire RS-I 15 – 17 Feb 74)
Christ Lecture, by Joyce Ollison
(Cheshire RS-I) Tillich Seminar, by Bill Pfaff
Cassette 60: 9 Oct 71
(RS-I) Tillich Seminar, by Bill Pfaff
(RS-I) Saturday Noon Meal Intro, by Terry Loomis
(RS-I) Priest Conversation by Terry Loomis, Brian Stanfield
Cassette 82: Cheshire RS-I 15-17 Feb. 74
Bultmann Seminar by Frank Cookingham
Question of God Lecture by Bill Pfaff
Cassette 83: Cheshire RS-I 15-17 Feb 74
Tillich Seminar (contd) by Bill Pfaff
Cassette 84: Cheshire RS-I 15-17 Feb 74
Freedom Lecture by Frank Cookingham
Bonhoeffer Seminar by Joyce Ollison
Cassette 85: Bonheoffer Seminar by Joyce Ollison

Summer 74
Cassette 61: 16 July 74
LENS Tooling – (Master Guild Spin), by Gary Tomlinson
Transparent Christianity and Other Religions (Master Guild Spin) by Gene Marshall

Cassette 62: 30 June 74
Opening of Research Assembly, by Charles Moore
The Assembly’s Task, by George Walters
Commissioning, by Joseph Slicker
Opening Talk – Love – and the New Sociological Form of the Church, by Joseph
Cassette 63: 1 July 74
Worship Intro, by George Walters
Breakfast Introduction, by George Holcombe
Singing, by Jeanette Stanfield
Scripture/News Conversation
Love Discourse “Loving the World” by Don Clark
Singing and stalling for time (George Holcombe)
Guild Lunch Conversation: Discerning the Wave – The World, by Marilyn Crocker
Cassette 64: 2 July 74
Trek IX: Mundanity Lecture: The Original Gratitude, by Gene Marshall
The Earth Belongs To All
3 July 74
Mundanity Lecture Trek XII: The Transparent Power, by John Cock
Breakfast Conversation by Lyn Mathews
Love Discourse – Justicing Love, by Justin Morrill

Cassette 65: 4 July 74
Breakfast Conversation by Mary Bengel
Love Discourse – Vocationalizing the Secular (Witnessing Love) by Marilyn Crocker
Mundanity Lecture – Trek XI The Singular Mission by John Jenkins
8 July 74
Love Discourse –2nd Witnessing Love Discourse – by Joseph Slicker
Cassette 66: 8 July 74
Mundanity Lecture Trek XIV – The Unknowable Peace, by Joe Crocker
9 July 74
Love Discourse “Justing Love as Social Demonstration, by John Epps
Mundanity Lecture – Trek XIII The Radical Illumination by Charles Moore
11 July 74
(Contd from 6B)End of Love Discourse “Sociological Love, by Joe Crocker
Cassette 67: 10 July 74
Love Discourse: Being in Love With The World, by Carlos Ollison
Mundanity Lecture – Trek XVI – The Endless Life (Endlessness) by Bob Vance
11 July 74
Love Discourse – “Sociological Love” by Joe Crocker
Cassette 68: 14 July 74
Week 2 Plenary
End of Joseph Mthews speech
Context for The Cong. Reports, by Justin Morrill
Cong. Reports:
I: Bill Allerding/Bob Rafos
II: Don Clark/Rick Deines
III: Charles Moore/Gene Marshall
IV: Joe Crocker/John Cock
The Spirit State of The Movement, by Joseph Mathews
Cassette 69: 16 July 74
Dark Night of the Soul Spin – “Suffering”, by Charles Moore
18 July 74
Master Guild Spin “Global Centrum Nexus”, by Rick Loudermilk
Cassette 70: 17 July 74
Dark Night of the Soul Spin – “Resentment”, by Maureen Jenkins
18 July 74
Master Guild Spin – “Global Centrum Nexus”, by Rick Loudermilk
15 July 74
Dark Night Spin – Humiliation, by Bill Allerding
16 July 74
Master Guild Spin – World Demonstration “Project Implementation”, by Rick Deines
Cassette 71: 20 July 74
Long March – Noon Conversation
Movie – “The Man from La Mancha”, by Jim Bell
The Long March Reflections, by Jim Bell
21 July 74 Week 3 Plenary
Congregation Reports
Cong. I: LENS, Global Language School, Cabaret, Guardian Net
Cong. II: Social Methods School, Village Project Phillippines, Oombulgurri (With Song),
Majuro Consult, Uptown Lab, Town Meeting.

Cassette 72: 21 July 74 Week 3 Plenary (cont)
Cong. III: Transparentized Religion
Uptown 5 Replication
Study Document
Spirit Edge
Human Resurgence Mission
Metro Formulation
Parish Guild Battleplan
Cong. IV: Global Polity
Centrum Nexus
Global Finances
Public Story (5th City Article) and Order Story
Yearly Plan
Global Strategy
Order Assignments
Closing Address: “Love” by Bill Allerding
Invitation to visit 5th City, by George Walters
Plenary Closing by Bill Bailey
Cassette 73: 22 July 74
Week 4 Council Opening
Council Opening by Charles Moore
State of the Movement Address by Joe Crocker
The Twenty Programs, by Ron Clutz
ITI’s by Desmond Avery
LENS by Sherwood Shankland
Cassette 74: 22 July 74
The Guild Experiment by Justin Morrill
Local Church Experiment by Bob Hansen
Uptown Lab by George Holcombe
Dark Night & Long March of Love – Deception by Rick Deines
Area Planning Context by George Walters
Cassette 75: 22 July 74
Area Planning – Practical Vision Conversation by Don Clark
Master Guild Report – Global Strategy by Bob Vance
Cassette 76: 23 July 74
Guild/LCX Report
New York Area Planning Meeting Opening by Joe Crocker
Area 21-Point Vision by John Cock
Outline for the Week
Report on Area 21-point strategy
Dark Night/Long March Spin – “Care” Innefectiveness) (sp) by Carlos Ollison
Contradiction Analysis for New York Area by John Cock
Cassette 77: 24 July 74
Week 4 Council Plenary
Long March Spin – The Weariness (Return from the Center – Sonship) by Gene
Work done on the 21-point Practical Vision by Don Clark
Cassette 77 cont: Singing
Context for Global Assignments (expressed in terms of the NRM) by Charles Moore
Send-Out by Bill Allerding
Cassette 78: 26 July 74
Master Guild Lecture – Transparentized Christianity – Love – Dark Night – Long March
Ignatian Retreat by Clare Woodbury
Council Closing Plenary
SEAPAC Report by Kjell Knutsen
Area Edmunton Report
Area Sanfrancisco Report
Area Houston Report
Cassette 79: 26 July 74
Area New York Report by Joe Crocker
Chicago Report by George Walters
Area Montreal Report by Ron Clutz
Council Plenary
Long March Spin by Joseph Mathews
“At the Center” context behind the Long March
Transparentization of Time
New Modes of Religion
The Transparent Life
The Traps of Quietism and of Activism
Cassette 80: 26 July 74
Week 4 Council Plenary
Long March Spin – Joseph Mathews

Summer 73
Cassette 81: 17 July 73
Orientation by Joe Slicker
Form of the Guild by Maureen Jenkins
Logistics of the Guild by Jim Wiegel
Task of the Guild by Jon Jenkins
Frame of the Guild by Don Cramer

Group of RSI Cassettes tied together
Lecture/Seminar Methodology: Course Construction
Cassette 86: 11 Oct 71 SM-A The Universal
RS-IIA Wesley Lecture by Brian Stanfield
RS-I Pedagogy How to Prepare Freedom Lecture by Brian Stanfield
Cassette 87: 11 Oct 71 RS-IIA Wesley Lecture (cont.) by Brian Stanfield
RS-I Pedagogy How to Prepare “Question of God” Lecture by Gene Marshall
RS-IIA Augustine Lecture by Gene Marshall
Cassette 88: 11 Oct 71 RS-I Pedagogy How to Prepare Question of God Lecture by Gene Marshall
RS-IIA Luther Lecture by John Baggett
12 Oct 71 Augustine Lecture (cont.) by Gene Marshall
Cassette 89: 12 Oct 71 RS-I Pedagogy Christ Lecture by Terry Loomis
14 Oct 71 SM-A The Congregation by Terry Loomis
Cassette 90: 16 Oct 71 IM-A Theology of Charting Methodology by Gene Marshall
RS-I Course Construction by John Baggett
Cassette 91: 16 Oct 71 IM-A RS-I Course Construction by John Baggett (cont.)
Overview of Kierkegaard Paper (RS-I backup paper) by Gene Marshall
18 Oct 71 RM-B The Corporates by Kay Hayes
Cassette 92: 30 Oct 71 Seminar Methodology Lesson Planning by John Baggett
Cambodian Royal Ballet & Culture – Titus Jayasakara, Str Theresa Chu, Katsuhiko
(Seminar Methodology) Classroom Dynamics by Gene Marshall
Cassette 93: 14 Nov 71 Lecture I – Lecture Methodology by John Baggett
Lecture II – Lecture Methodology by Gene Marshall
Cassette 94: 14 Nov 71 Lecture II – Lecture Methodology (cont.) by Gene Marshall
Lecture III – Pedagogical Style by Brian Stanfield
Context Lecture – Bonhoeffer “Community” by John Baggett
95 - Scotch Magnetic Tape Reel 1 – Summer 72
The Other World In the Midst of This World (16 Spirit Trek Lectures)
Toward The Vision of A New Social Vehicle
The Other World In the Midst of This World (Spirit Trek Lectures – Summer 72)
3 Jul 72 The Recovery of the Other World by Joseph Mathews
Trek I 4 Jul 72 The Aweful Encounter – Impacted by Mystery by David Scott
Trek II 5 Jul 72 The Inescapable Power – Enveloped by Mystery by Don Cramer
Trek III 6 Jul 72 The Transformed State – Recreated by Mystery by Joseph Slicker
Trek IV 7 Jul 72 The Infinite Passion – Enraptured by Mystery by Gene Marshall
Trek V 10 Jul 72 The Authentic Relation – Freedom of Awareness by Fred Buss
I am my Consciousness
Trek VI 11 Jul 72 The Creative Existence – Freedom of Inventiveness by Aimee Hilliard
I Am My Originality
Trek VII 12 Jul 72 The Moral Ground – Freedom of Decision by John Baggett
I Am My Conscience
Trek VIII 13 Jul 72 The Final Accountability – Freedom of Obligation by David McClesky
I Am My Accountability
Trek IX 17 Jul 72 The Original Gratitude – Agape is Appreciation by John Cock
Trek X 18 Jul 72 The Universal Concern – Agape is Compassion by Jack Baringer
Trek XI 19 Jul 72 The Singular Mission – Agape is Responsibility For by Ron Clutz
Trek XII 20 Jul 72 The Transparent Power – Agape is Motivity by Pat Scott
Trek XIII 24 Jul 72 The Radical Illumination – Certitude At the Center by George West
Trek XIV 25 Jul 72 The Unknowable Peace – Problemlessness At The Center by Fred Hess
Trek XV 26 Jul 72 The Unspeakable Joy – Contentment at the Center by Charles Moore
Trek XVI 27 Jul 72 The Endless Life – Everlastingness at the Center by Gene Marshall
29 Jul 72 A Theological Warning (From Joseph Mathews Address to Final Grand Plenary)
3 Jul 72 Using the Words of Jesus as a checkpoint in thinking about the Other World by David
3 Jul 72 Using the Words of Jesus – Methodology for Scripture Conversations during Summer 72
by Don Cramer
4 Jul 72 Scripture Conversation by Bill Bailey

Summer 72 Toward the Vision of a NSV
2 Jul 72 Opening Plenary Address by Joseph Mathews
3 Jul 72 Progress Report on Research on the NSV (The Vision) by Jim Wiegel
4 Jul 72 The Impact of the Movement in the Next 20 Years by Larry Ward
4 Jul 72 The First Pillar (Of the Practical Vision of Today’s New Social Vehicle) – Social Process
Triangles and Tactical System by Steve Allen
4 Jul 72 Social Imbalances Lecture by John Cock
5 Jul 72 Ideology and Contradiction by David McClesky
5 Jul 72 Strategies of the Movement for the Next 20 Years by George Walters
6 Jul 72 Proposals and Systematic Design by Steve Allen
9 Jul 72 The Role of the Movement in Next 35 Years (A Sign to the Church) by Joseph Mathews
10 Jul 72 Tactical Thinking by David McClesky
16 Jul 72 The Practical Designs of the Movement Dynamic by Joseph Mathews
23 Jul 72 Turning Matter Into Spirit by James Mathews
23 Jul 72 The Twenty-Year March-As Love by Joseph Mathews
25 Jul 72 The Religious Exercises (NRM – The Watch – The Fast – The Ball) by Rick Loudermilk
26 Jul 72 The New Individual and the New Society Course by David McClesky
27 Jul 72 Report on the Local Church Project by Don Cramer
28 Jul 72 The State of the Movement by Joseph Slicker
28 Jul 72 The Journey of Summer 72
Temple A – Fred Buss
Song: In The World Of Spirit
Temple B – David Scott
Song: The Time is Come
Temple C – Frank Hilliard
Song: Strange Gladness
29 Jul 72 Accomplishments of Summer 72 and Demands of the Future by Joseph Mathews
29 Jul 72 Witness for Common Meal by Charles Moore “The Great Turn as Absolution”

Set of 5 Cassettes from the Waltham LENS: 31 May to 2 Jun 74
Cassette 96: 31 May 74 The Universal Sociality by Ron Clutz
The Times Thinktank by Marge Tomlinson
(Breakfast) Global Style Conversation by Ron Clutz
Cassette 97: The Political Discourse by Wanda Holcombe
The Issues Thinktank by Ron Clutz
(Noon) Life Phases Conversation by Marge Tomlinson
Cassette 98: “The Economic World” Discourse by Ken Gilbert
(Dinner) Human Roles Conversation by Wanda Holcombe
“The Cultural World” Discourse by Marge Tomlinson
Cassette 99: “The Cultural World” Discourse (cont.) by Marge Tomlinson
The Refinement Thinktank by Ken Gilbert
Blackfoot Creation Story
Plenary by Ken Gilbert
(Sun. Breakfast) “Meaningful Living” Conversation by ken Gilbert
Cassette 100: “The Local Sociality” Discourse by Ron Clutz
(Lunch) The Closing Plenary by Ron Clutz

Other Cassettes and Reels
Cassette 101: 1 Nov 83 Panchayat Visit (Leah Early – Phil Douthet) Frankfurt House
Opening Information Period (60 Minutes)
2nd Session
Cassette 102: Workday Celebration JeJu ITI (August 20, 1975)
Cassette 103: 1 Nov. 83 Panchayat Visit – Frankfurt House (Leah Early – Phil Douthet)
Cassette 104: 1 Nov 83 Panchayat Visit – Frankfurt House (Leah Early – Phil Douthet)
The 48-year Journey by Phil Douthet
Local Documentation by Leah Early
Cassette 105: African Music (about 50 minutes)
(Trumpet of the Tutankhamen) Side 2 begins at 35
Cassette 106: The Ecumenical Institute Summer ’72 (40 min. on each side, both sides the same) Evans

Reel 107: Allegro Magnetic Recording Tape 1800 feet
Lesson 11 000 – 235
Lesson 12 245 – 414
Lesson 13 419 – 590
\ Lesson 14 590 – 735
Reel 108: Scotch Magnetic Tape 3600 feet
LENS Pedagogy 1 – 3 June 73
Reel I: Track I (Left Stereo Channel – Side 1)
Overview of Pedagogy Course & Meal Intro (Jon Jenkins)
Friday Night Meal Conversation (Ann Epps)
Friday Night Lecture Outline (& Purpose of Course) and Think Tank by Jon Jenkins
Outline of Middle 3 Lectures by Jon Jenkins
Saturday Breakfast Intro by Rona Earle
Sat. Breakfast Conversation by Robert McClellan
Ronin Reading
Political Lecture by Betty Johnston
Political Think-tank Plenary by Bill Bingham, Pedagogical Comments at end by Jon
Saturday Noon Meal Intro by Bert Dyson
Sat. Noon Conversation by Ellis Bliss

Track II (Left Stereo Channel – Side 2)
Economic Lecture by Ben Ball
Economic Think-tank by Marianne Mann
Economic Think-tank Plenary by Marianne Mann
Sat. Evening Meal Intro. By Kay Slattery
Sat. Evening Meal Conv. By Harry Bliss
Cultural Lecture by Randy Johnston
Cultural Think-tank by Clancy Mann
Cultural Think-tank Plenary by Clancy Mann
Ronin Reading by Gerry Evans
Sun. Breakfast Intro. By Oscar Sperstad

Track III (Right Stereo Channel on Side 1)
Sun. Breakfast Conversation by Jim Phillips
Intro. To Pedagogical Walk-through of Sunday Lecture and Think-tank by Jon Jenkins
Pedagogical Walk-through of Sunday Lecture by Jon Jenkins
Questions and Answers about LENS Course
Talk about Summer 73 by Jon Jenkins
General Comments about dress of pedagogues, d├ęcor, non-“Movement” language and
illustrations, course costs.
Sunday Noon Meal Intro. By Betty Hill
Conversation by Jon Jenkins
Ronin Reading by Fred Hamen

Reel 109: Reel II: The Singing of Summer 72 Audiotape Formula 11, 3600 Ft. Type 3633T
Type Title Tune
Waltz The Other World The Blue Danube
Mystery is Everywhere Desert Song
When You Are Aware When You Are In Love
Suddenly Life Lara’s Theme (Dr. Zhivago)
Folk Amazing World This World is Not My Home
Morning of Freedom Morning Has Broken
Come and Go With Me To That Land Come and Go With Me
My Consummation Danny Boy
At The Center Tranquil Shenandoah
Watch Ye Therefore (same)
At The Cross (same)
Called to Walk In The Way Put Your Hand in the Hand
March The Cadence Count (same)
Dawns The World Glorious Things of Thee
Dreadful Awareness Stout-Hearted Men
I Am The One 76 Trombones
A Light is Now Breaking Washington Post March
Men of the Spirit Meadowlands
Pop Mystery Yesterday
At The Center Try to Remember
Free Am I Summertime
In the World of Spirit If I were a Rich Man
A Strange Gladness Cabaret Medley
A Prayer: The Time is Come Waiting for the Sunrise
How Wondrous the Dawn Begin the Beguine
Folk Amazing Grace At the Cross
Austrailian Aboriginal songs original
(Introd. By James Bisho – 2 Australian quartetes – led by Garnett Banks)
Psalm 13 (read by Joseph Slicker then sung)
My Consummation (10 tenors – led by John Tresize) Danny Boy
Out of the Dark Night Today

Council of Churches
“Pre-RS-I Presentation” Rev. James Flynn, St. Paul’s U. Meth Ch., Hartford, Ct. and
Paul B Evans, Hartford Metro Coordinator, E. I.

Reel 110: Allegro Hi-Fidelity Magnetic Sound Recording Tape 1800 ft.
Lesson 15:
Lesson 16
Lesson 17
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