Notes From Saturday's Session

Prepared by Eric Smith

Springboard Initiative Gathering

Host: Institute for Consensus Action Denver, Colorado Saturday March 29, 2008.

Participants: Jack Gillis, Gordon Harper, Carl Larsen, David Dunn, John Epps, Ellen Rebstock, David Rebstock, OliveAnn Slotta, Don Elliott, Jean Long, Shirley Snelling, Clarence Snelling, Eric Smith

We asked the question, “what would we like to see on the Springboard Initiative website?”

• Stories of success and learning • Context for Spirit practices • Context for “New Religious Mode” (NRM) and “New Social Vehicle” (NSV) • Multi-level access (user permissions) o Public o Private (Springboard Initiative members only) o Administrative privileges • Place for focused research • Global Grid: click on particular geography, get images related to that geography • Learning to chart o Charting tutorial o Downloadable charts • Downloadable tools useful to member and non-member users • The current question task groups need to tackle (restricted to member access only) • Links to other websites • Flash animation… it moves!!! • Web 2 functionality • Guild Access Portal o 12 working areas- local/proto guilds • Searchable repository for ancient wisdom- e.g. “golden pathways”, etc. • Daily news reflection with conversation option • Book-of-the-month study plan/guide o Include related bibliography o “Coming attractions” for upcoming months • Guild Reports- regularly updated (accountability model) • “States of Being” charting of the day; reflections of the day • Place where songs are available o Newly written songs o Sharing old songs • Active Restrictive Site: “LIVE”: Leadership Institute for Vocational Effectiveness • Graphic map: o Areas where our organization works o Visible demonstrations of work going on around the world • World CafĂ© • O.R.I.D. Conversations: o Demo Conversations o Four to five very different applications o Online link to “buy the book” -“how to” • Links to relevant books: Click and buy (automated shipping & handling) • Articulation of what it means to be a member of the Springboard Initiative o defines user levels (access permissions) • User Interface, o Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity o Imaginal, imaginal, imaginal o No technical assistance needed! • Personal Pages o Who were are today o Where we’ve been • “Wayside Inn” dynamic o “Welcome!” o Colleague hospitality articulated o Host profiles posted • Platform amenable to easy networking o Searchable profiles by interest, geography, key words, etc. • Collaborative workspace o Allows for interaction and dialogue around work in progress • Calendars for multiple focused activities (e.g. task groups) o Guild calendars o Arena calendars • Searchable “key word” tags for personal profiles o Created by profile authors when the create a profile o All profiles follow the same structural design- uniform appearance • Interest and geography based- and searchable • Web 2: Usable interactive tools • Who we are as an intentional community o Our name o Our heritage

What five elements of website content need to be completed by the next Springboard gathering?

1. Personal Pages o “show and tell” from colleagues o sharing approaches that work o skills and competencies we bring o colleague database o new ways to display information o searchable arenas: work in progress, interest, who’s involved o “Wayside Inn” dynamic: personal profiles/links; who’s who lists, o Access permissions based on membership level

2. Corporate Study and Venue for Active Research o Books, charting, study guides, O.R.I.D. conversations o New Research o May include repository of past research

3. What it means to be part of the Springboard Initiative o Who we are o Global League o Knowing – Doing – Being

4. Summary of accomplishments: Story o Wiki entries

5. Global Guild Reports o e.g. Bill Grow’s report format o struggles, successes, breakthroughs, etc. o subscribable (email- tickle system) o searchable by interest, geography, etc.

Task groups: 1. Personal Pages: Jean Long, OliveAnn Slotta, Don Elliott, David Dunn

2. Study and Research: Clarence Snelling, David Rebstock, Jack Gillis, John Epps, Eric Smith

3. What it Means to be Springboard: Shirley Snelling, Ellen Rebstock, Gordon Harper

4. Web Preparation: David Dunn
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