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The idea for these came from the second Springboard gathering. We were looking for a way to share our personal data in such a way that we could easily locate people in the community with certain kinds of professional experience, skills or interests. For example, who among us has been involved in curriculum building? Who has had recent experience in Kenya? Who is interested in particular forms of meditation? The idea was to have a searchable database of such information.

We're at a fairly early stage in thinking through how this might best work and how it might be most useful. At the moment, we are inviting those who choose to be part of the Springboard initiative and affirm the Springboard Declaration (See the Task Force Materials) to be part of the experiment by contributing their data to the venture.

The Junaluska gathering proposed a template with categories that could be suggestive in writing one's Personal Page. You are free to use some or all or none of these as they seem appropriate. You may also add others that you feel are important. Look over the categories, then enter your information in the blank box. When you are finished, click on Add Comment, and your data will be added to this page.

The group working on this suggests the following as a template for creating your Personal Page:

Baseline Data

  • Name, address and contact information: (include email, phone, skype address, etc.)

  • Current affiliations

  • Organization:

  • Marriage and Family

  • Present Employment

  • Formal Education / Training

Past History in a Nutshell

  • Locations/timeline
(For those with previous connection with OE, ICA, EI, give a brief synopsis)

  • Work assignments

  • On the Job Training

  • Arenas of Expertise I’ve Developed Over the Years

Current Engagement

  • Activities, Passions, Commitments, Individuals and Groups That I’m Working With

  • Things I would like to work on, ways I would like to participate with Springboard Colleagues

  • Additional Resources I would like to share with others


David McCleskey DavidMcCleskey

2505 Kathy Court, Oklahoma City, OK 73120. Email: Skype: David McCleskey

Current affiliations * Associate Director, The Silence Foundation. Co-founder: Prairie Wind Sangha. Member: Church of the Open Arms (UCC).


The Silence Foundation

Marriage and Family

Wife: Patricia A Webb, two stepsons: Kirk and Craig Weygandt, Grandson: Titus Day; two granddaughters: Haley & Merron Woodbury

*Present Employment kiss retired

Formal Education / Training

MA, U of Texas, BD Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY; BA Baylor U. Waco, TX; postgraduate work: U of Chicago on Urban History, Sociology & Literature.

Past History in a Nutshell


I was a student member of the Christian Faith & Life Community, Austin, TX for two years (1958-1960), second year as a Senior Fellow; then, finance and property manager for two years (1960-1962); then, I was a research officer of The Ecumenical Institute, Chicago (1962-1989).

Work assignments –

Research Office (1963-8), Global Academy (1968-9), Seapac Courses Spring (1969), first International Training Institute (ITI) (1969), ITI in Penang, Malaysia, Teaching Tour in Europe (Fall, 1969); Area Sydney priorship (1969-70); Hong Kong ITI (1970); Area Manila and SEAPAC prior (1970-1), Summer 1971(Legal Base social process), Research Centrum, Chicago (1971-2), Area Houston prior (1972-3), Management & Research Centrum Prior in Singapore Nexus (1973-5); 8 HDPs in Indonesia, Egypt, Zambia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan (1975-6); Research Centrum, Chicago (1976-7); Maharashtra, India Replication Project from Kendur HDP (1977-9); Global Research Centrum Prior, Chicago (1979-1984); IERD, Chicago, New Delhi and Mumbai (1983-89); self-support temp work (receptionist, data entry & time-work charts) in Chicago and New York City (1989-90); Golden Pathways CD-ROM design and creation as ICA Centrepoints (1996-8); finance management, Chicago ICA (1997-8); co-founder of The Silence Foundation (1998 to present)

On the Job Training –

House priorship skills

Arenas of Expertise: I’ve Developed Over the Years

Course pedagogy and curriculum building (RS-I and 14 course Academy curriculum), LENS curriculum building and facilitation methods; HDP consultation and town meetings; CD-ROM creation (scanning and editing documents, designing the pathways); sangha (community of practice) building; meditation in the tradition of the Engaged Buddhism of Thich Nhat Hanh; internet research; editing a book; writing a book for publication (The Soul of the Tribe).

Previous connection with OE, ICA, EI

Current Engagement

Activities, Passions, Commitments, Individuals and Groups That I’m Working With:

Daily, weekly and monthly meditation and mindfulness practices preparing people to be compassionate and caring people in their families, their work places, and local community.

Things I would like to work on, ways I would like to participate with Springboard Colleagues –

Building a spirit methods compendium to equip guild people to be effective in their work and to sustain themselves in their pioneering efforts.


P.O. Box 38432, Greensboro, NC 27438, USA; Phone – 336-790-5020; Email –; Daily Blog – “Journey Reflection” or by e-mail listserv; Web Page – (our company)

Current affiliations:

Resurgence Publishing officer; Center for Ecozoic Studies member; ICAI member

Organization: Springboard as primal collegial community

Marriage and Family:

Wife, Lynda L. Cock; son John II, wife, Kelley, children Lyndon, Preston, and soon-to-be adopted son Caleb from Ethiopia; son Jeremiah, wife, Veronica, children Kaitlyn, Nolan, Clara, Alec

Present “Employment”:

Writer, blogger, event guide

Formal Education / Training:

Galax VA school system; Emory and Henry College, B.A.; Emory University, M.Div.; Auburn University, postgraduate

Past History in a Nutshell


English teacher (2 yrs, TN-VA); minister (NC-VA, 3 yrs); O:E (1969-1984); Men’s Shop (Galax VA,1984-1998); writing, blogging, event guide (Greensboro NC,1997-2007)

O:E Assignments:

Chicago (Fifth City); Chicago (N. Shore Religious House); Kansas City (Religious House prior); Washington, D.C. (R.H. prior); Galax (R&R); Chicago (Fifth City, R.H. Prior team); Canberra (Centrum Prior); Jakarta-Kelapa Dua (Area Prior); Bombay [Mumbai] (Area Prior team); Denver (R.H. prior); Chicago (Fifth City R.H., Area Prior)

Arenas of Expertise:

Funding development; pedagogue; Religious House priorship; Regional, Area priorship; Academy staff; pre-ToP methods building/facilitator; Town Meeting set-up; HDP leadership; small business; downtown revitalization leadership; writing, editing, publishing; blogging; curriculum building for revised RS-I and Profound Journey Dialog; Thomas Berry’s works

Current Engagement

Activities, Passions, Commitments, Groups: Activities (see above);

Passions –

Writing, blogging, guiding, husbanding, fathering and grandfathering, golfing, checkers; Commitments – part-time care for Lynda’s father; Groups (see above)

Things I would like to work on, ways I would like to participate with Springboard Colleagues:

Creating, guiding, and enlisting Springboard members through “Profound Journey Dialog” weekend events; writing, editing, publishing, e.g., “A Global, Secular Order Experiment: Building Off the Experiment of the Order:Ecumenical”

Marilyn R. Crocker MarilynCrocker

123 Sanborn Road, West Newfield, ME 04095 Tel: 207-793-9916 (H) Tel. & FAX: 207-793-3711 (0) Cell: 207-432-1208 Skype: mrcrocker65 E-mail:

Current affiliations:

Marilyn Crocker & Associates, Inc.; West Newfield Congregational Church (UCC); Methodist Federation for Social Action; Smith College Alumnae Association; ICA/OE/Springboard colleague networks.

Marriage and Family:

Husband, Joseph H. Crocker; son, J. Benjamin, daughter-in-law, Karen and grandsons, Daniel and Matthew; son, Jonathan T. and daughter-in-law, Jenna LeMieux.

Present Employment:

Marilyn Crocker & Associates, Inc., President, consultant to educational agencies and organizations

Formal Education / Training:

Smith College, Northampton, MA, BA; Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, MAT; Boston University, Boston, MA, Ed.D.

Past History in a Nutshell


1964-68 New England: public school teacher in Newton, MA; college teacher in New London, NH and Haverhill, MA. 1968-69 Chicago, IL; 1969-70 Malaysia and Singapore; 1970-71 Australia, India, Ethiopia; 1971-72 Philadelphia, PA; 1972-75 New York, NY; 1975-76 Australia, India, Korea, Kenya, UK, Chicago, Majuro, Philippines; 1976-77 India, Germany, Egypt; 1977-83 Chicago, IL, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil; 1983-89 Orlando, FL, Jamaica; 1989-94 Winthrop, MA; 1994-99 Warwick, RI, Nicaragua; 1999-present West Newfield, ME.

Order assignments:

National Teaching Faculty; ITI Faculty (Singapore 1969; Hong Kong, 1970; Jabalpur, 1971; Addis Ababa 1971); Religious House Prior (Philadelphia); Area Prior (New York); Local Church Experiment Auxiliary Prior (1971-75);HDP Consult Facilitator (1975-78); Faculty Human Development Training School (1976-77); Centrum Prior (Research); Internal Life Commission; Panchayat (1977-78); Permeation (1968-88) in support of Chicago “Base”; Kuala Lumpur Religious House; Sydney Religious House; New York Religious House; Chicago Centrum; Kingston Primary Unit; Houston Primary Unit; Chicago Primary Unit

Permeation assignments:

Faculty, Chicago City College (1968-69); Teacher, Singapore American School (1969-70); Teacher, Burwood Academy, Sydney, Australia (1970-71); Teacher, St. Michael’s Academy, NY, (1972-73) Administrative Assistant, Lutheran World Relief, NY (1973-75);Vice President, Sumner G. Rahr & Co. Inc. Fundraising Consultants (1978-81); Sr. Manager of Internal Consulting, McDonald ’s Corporation (1981-83); Vice President/Director of Marketing Services, Red Lobster Restaurants, Inc. (1983-86); Private Consultant, Marilyn Crocker & Associates, Inc. (1986-1988)

On the Job Training:

Since my career has been blessed with a wide variety of work assignments, many of which were not directly aligned with my formal education, I would say that I have been a life-long student while “on the job,” often climbing a steep learning curve in order to meet, and occasionally exceed, personal performance objectives.

Arenas of Expertise I’ve Developed Over the Years:

Imaginal education; participative group process methods; program evaluation; marketing; private consulting; organizational development; fund-raising; strategic planning and implementation; freelance writing.

Current Engagement

Activities, Passions, Commitments, Individuals and Groups That I’m Working With:

Consulting work with US Department of Education funded technical assistance centers whose charge is to support K-12 public education for both special and general education; volunteer work with both the UCC and UMC in support of developing covenantal missional relationships with indigenous churches in Central America, specifically Honduras and Nicaragua; writing prose and poetry; discovering new ways to care for my immediate and extended family; supporting the work of HIV/AIDs prevention and treatment in Africa, specifically via Partners In Health in Malawi; exploring how to be relevantly engaged in the life phases that span ages 65 – 100.

Things I would like to work on, ways I would like to participate with Springboard Colleagues:

Work in support of the Guild, its formation and task, especially designing training constructs; work in support of directing extensive personal OE archives/original documents now resident in Maine (and elsewhere) to a central repository for care, sorting and preservation for future research; mentoring the next generation of spirit giants who see themselves as “called” to care for the earth.

Additional Resources I would like to share with others:

I would like to take a brief rain check on this one – there could be so many – but it will depend on where we decide to go and what is needed to support that.

Gordon Harper

Baseline Data
Name, address and contact information: (include email, phone, skype address, etc.)

1617 Summit Avenue, # 21, Seattle, WA 98122

Organization: ToP Facilitators Northwest

Phone: 206-720-6647


Skype: gharper1

Marriage and Family

Married: Roxana Harper. Children: Geoffrey (married to Kayla, daughter Brittany) in Maple Grove, MN; Stuart (married to Cris, children Ben, Gabriel and Alex), Danville, KY; and Elena (divorced, children Reuben and Tania Barnes), Durango, CO

Present Employment: retired

Formal Education / Training

B.A. English, Denison University; M.A., Religion and Art, Divinity School, University of Chicago; M.A., English, University of Chicago; ABD toward Ph.D. in English, University of Chicago

Past History in a Nutshell


WI dairy farm upbringing, cut my political teeth in high school on attempt to recall our Senator, Joe McCarthy, 1953-4. Active in resistance to the Korean War, the Civil Rights movement and the anti-Vietnam War struggle. Became an English professor, taught at Denison University; the College of the University of Chicago; and Western Michigan University (1961-71).

Work assignments / On the Job Training

Footnote: For those with previous connection with OE, ICA, EI, give a brief synopsis

1965-71 Chicago/ Kalamazoo, MI Movemental Order, creating the Detroit Region; 1971-76 Chicago W. Side, Kemper. Responsible for the kitchens, Sum 71; Research Centrum/ Editorial Post, 71-75; University 13 Project 75-76; Academy faculty 76.

1976-78 Maliwada, India HDTI faculty; 1978-80, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Operations Centrum / HDTI Dean, Philippines, Indonesia

1980-82 Cleveland, OH Prior, Cleveland Region, REP Experiment

1982-1993, Taipei: Director, ICA Taiwan. Three year daily radio talk series, ICRT; two books published on the changing style of leadership

1994-2004 Seattle, WA, ICA USA, Pacific Rim Program Director

2005-2007, Seattle, WA ICA Senior Staff Emeritus; Senior Associate, ToP Facilitators Northwest

Current Engagement
Activities, Passions, Commitments, Individuals and Groups That I’m Working With

Developing the Order Repository and Springboard listserv, coordination group for Springboard gatherings, peace movement, China Club of Seattle Board, Seattle First Baptist numerous roles, ToP Trainers Network, working with team of ToP trainers in ToP Facilitators NW to offer training courses.

Arenas of Expertise I’ve Developed Over the Years

Curriculum building, facilitation and training, teaching, organizing, PC computer hardware and software familiarity, networking, basic webpage development, wikis, listserv management.

Things I would like to work on, ways I would like to participate with Springboard Colleagues

• Making our Order materials—audio, video, documents, photos—available to a wider audience, especially current and future members of the League • Helping colleagues share their great stories and learnings • Collaborative efforts to address the critical contradictions of our time • Experiments in distributed teamwork such as online collegia, workshops, conversations, corporate writing, project management

Additional Resources I would like to share with others
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