Our Legacy

In Search of a Gestalt

Looking for an intuitive gestalt--some of us taking a shot at saying now what the three, four or six major aspects of our legacy consist of. These key elements or components will be an individual, very personal take or witness on our heritage, none complete or perfect, but they could catalyze another level of great dialogue.

What if each of us had just been tapped to sum up and explain who we are and what our community might have of value to share with future members of the League? What would our 4 x 4 look like?

I'm going to kick it off with my own four points for the proposed talk. The foundational things about our legacy that I'd want to hit (at least at this moment) would be:

Our Methods. The amazing set of intellectual, social and spirit methodologies that we developed, tested on ourselves and then took to the world. These of course include but go way beyond ToP.

Building a Movement. Our understanding of what made for authentic community, our attempt to demonstrate a form of missional and disciplined intentional community and to build that outward in the symbolic, movemental and extended order and in the local and organizational communities with which we worked.

Our Foundational Assumptions. The core beliefs about the way life is that we operated out of, that held us together, that we sought to embody and communicate in things like RS-I, our singing and rituals and our projects.

Our Historical Journey. The stories of how we began and what happened to us along the way. The programs we developed, modified and in some cases discarded over the years. What we sought to awaken or put in place as we tried to discern and respond to the call and claim on our lives.

-- GordonHarper - 20 Dec 2010
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