Competencies and Stories


  David Dunn, Sarah Miller, Leroy Philbrook (via SKYPE), Jim Wiegel.

SURPRISE !  SURPRISE !  Our group is collecting YOUR STORIES.  We would like to collect a hundred or so by the end of January.  By doing this, we hope to fill in our collective memory of the impact we have had, both in dispersion since 1988 and before that and to begin to see the significant competencies we have been able to apply. 

Deep thanks to Karen Bueno, John Cock, Larry Loeppke, Larry Philbrook and Jim Wiegel who have already gone on line with stories (also to the others of you who have posted your stories other places on the Wedgeblade Repository site.  If you have a story to tell, you can do this by simply clicking on the link below and you will be guided through a series of prompts to tell your story.  You can also forward this link to others who have stories.

We have also included the questions for the story interview at the end of this report, so you can just copy them and draft your stories at your leisure. 


STORIES AND COMPETENCIES GROUP REPORT:  David Dunn, Sarah Miller, Leroy Philbrook, Jim Wiegel.

One of the working groups in our gathering in Junaluska is working on 3 inter-related topics:

1.  Identifying the distinctive set of competencies and qualities which mark us as knowing, doing, being the league or the order or the guild or whatever you name it.  In this new body, we can no longer identify ourselves simply by a past association with OE, EI or ICA, we have to describe us in a different way that is accessible to us and others today.

2.  Telling the stories / capturing the wisdom of this past 30 years, our dispersion.  Whatever the source of our involvement and commitment to Springboard, we need ways to share the story of that commitment, both our personal journey, but, more importantly, of what we have done and the difference that our service has made in communities, in organizations, initiatives, families, teams, the lives of others --both short term and lasting examples, both subtle and dramatic.

3.  Telling the stories / capturing the wisdom of the first 30 years.  From this vantage point, what are good examples of the difference we made?  In the legacy interviews being conducted by Jim and Judy Wiegel (about 60 hours so far) the primary focus is on capturing the personal stories of people, how they came to be involved, what happened to them.  Here we are focused on the impact of our engagement and care, the difference we made in the lives of other communities, teams, organizations. etc.


This task involves the gathering of stories, the refinement of our recollections and reflections to become more helpful to listeners and the assembly, in a different way, of a history, both shared and unique of the past half century or more with an eye to what, in that history, is helpful in this new century.


For now, we are asking each of you to share stories of 2 or more significant events, initiatives, projects that you have been directly involved in, and that for you are good examples of the difference made in lives, communities, organizations through your personal or our collective capacity as "the order" or "those who care".


We want to collect stories both from our "gathered" time, and from the "diaspora" time.


We have a series of questions below.  You can do this on paper, or follow the link below to an online survey with the same questions.


The results of this survey will be used as part of the springboard project. Note: with your permission, your contributions to this survey may also serve as input into the emerging "ICA Stories Project" of ICA International, (see end)



1. What are significant events, initiatives, or projects you were directly involved in that for you stand as good examples of the kind of difference we have made in the lives of individuals, communities and / or organizations.

Pre 1988 

Since 1988 

and . . . 

and . . . 


2. PICK ONE and tell the story. Write here the name of the significant event, initiative or project you were directly involved in, the approximate date and who else was involved


Where it happened


Who else was involved 



3. This event primarily made a difference in (pick one)

an individual life

a group of people or a team

an organization

a community

a family

my own life


4. Tell the story. BEFORE: Describe the situation, what was going on before?



5. DURING. Tell the story of what was done, who was involved, what happen during the event, initiative or project. Give some important details.



6. AFTER. What difference was made? Describe what was different as a result, the outcome, the impact. Be as specific as you can



7. EVIDENCE. Give concrete examples, statistics, numbers or other evidence that clearly illustrate the significant difference that was made



8. SIGNIFICANCE: Why is this important? How is this a significant story to remember now?



9. APPROACH. Describe the approach, tools, strategy that made this work



10. Competency. What competencies, skills images or abilities on your part seemed most significant in making this happen?





11. GIFT. What did you take away from this event, initiative, project?



12. We could expand this story into a good case example



If yes, how could this happen?  Where would the data come from?




13. If you have more stories to share and time to share them, feel free to come back to this link and write others.


14. By checking the box below, I give permission/do not give permission to the Springboard group (Jim Wiegel) to post your stories on the Repository Web Site, use these stories in our work and to share them as appropriate with the ICAI Stories Project, which is currently in development.

I give permission

I do not give permission

Other (please specify)



Thanks for your participation. Let us know how to contact you for more details.




Which do you prefer? 


I would like to see a copy of the results of this survey



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