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What You Can Do With / On The Repository

  • Browse Around. See what's here from our past. Kinda amazing already, and we've just started. Bring up some of our old documents to read again.

  • Look at the pictures that people have posted. See if you can still recognize some of the faces.

  • Listen to the audio clips of some of our old songs, of us singing them and of familiar voices giving talks and lectures.

  • Read the greetings and comments of your colleagues who visit the site and leave a word for the rest of us.

  • Register and share your greetings and comments, information about what you're up to, even a photo, if you like.

  • Find something here that you'd like a personal copy of and download it to your own computer. Save it there or print out a copy.

  • Now you can go get those old boxes and files out of your closet, and find things you'd like to share with others. Stick them up here, all by yourself. Really, it's not rocket science; in fact, we've tried to make it downright simple!

  • Take this opportunity to write something that you've wanted to for some time--about a piece of your experience, a story, a thoughtful reflection looking back on the journey or ahead into the future, how you've used or are using the wisdom, tools or methods in creative ways--and post it here. Or take something you've already written but haven't found an appropriate way to share. This is it.

  • Add subject areas or locations around the world that you are especially interested in, put some of your items in them and encourage colleagues to add others.

  • Play around in the Sandbox (yup--that's what I said), and discover what you can do with this exciting new kind of interactive website. Quickly get a handle on how you can put things up all by yourself--no web master to go through or special programming skills required!

  • Edit items here. These pages are open, and you can add to them or even change them, if you see a mistake, like a wrong date or a detail that's not quite right. Be cautious using this power--in most cases, you may want to simply add your material to the topic, rather than changing someone else's material. Different perspectives are good.

  • Tell us what items, materials, resources you've got that few if any of the rest of us are likely to have. Lots of things from our life together have not found their way into the Kemper archives.

  • Leave us your thoughts, questions and suggestions for improving this Repository--from the technical aspects of how it does / should work to how it can make a real contribution to our common future.

  • Laugh, cry, ponder, celebrate, acknowledge, repent, rededicate, share learnings. The full range of human emotions is appropriate when you've been on this journey.

-- GordonHarper - 31 May 2006
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