Mark James created a great set of 1,022 silky-smooth 16x16 true-colour icons in PNG format, aptly named Silk Icons.

GeoSilk icon set by Rolando Peñate


The GeoSilk icon set is derived from the Silk icon set by Mark James, the Silk Companion set by Damien Guard, and the uDig icons made by Jody Garnett of Refractions Research. It aims to extend the Silk icon set to address the needs of geospatial software.


This work is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License by Damien Guard.


These Icons come from http://projects.opengeo.org/geosilk

_readme (txt)


bullet arrow left.png bullet arrow right.png bullet black add.png bullet black delete.png bullet blue add.png bullet blue delete.png bullet goback.png bullet green add.png bullet green delete.png bullet map.png bullet orange add.png bullet orange delete.png bullet pink add.png bullet pink delete.png bullet purple add.png bullet purple delete.png bullet raster.png bullet red add.png bullet red delete.png bullet start.png bullet stop.png bullet vector.png bullet yellow add.png bullet yellow delete.png cog pause.png cog play.png cog stop.png compass.png database copy.png database oracle.png database picture.png database raster.png database start.png database stop.png database vector.png database wrench.png database yellow.png database yellow start.png database yellow stop.png decline.png erase.png folder layer.png layers delete.png line blue.png line blue add.png line blue delete.png line green.png line green add.png line green delete.png line orange.png line orange add.png line orange delete.png line pink.png line pink add.png line pink delete.png line purple.png line purple add.png line purple delete.png line red.png line red add.png line red delete.png line yellow.png line yellow add.png line yellow delete.png map save.png map wrench.png marker.png page white goback.png page white map.png page white palette.png page white picture.png page white raster.png page white vector.png palette add.png palette remove.png pan.png postgis.png raster.png raster add.png raster delete.png ruler.png ruler square.png ruler triangle.png server feed.png server gear.png server map.png server picture.png server raster.png server start.png server stop.png server table.png server vector.png shape square blue.png shape square blue add.png shape square blue delete.png shape square feed.png shape square green.png shape square green add.png shape square green delete.png shape square orange.png shape square orange add.png shape square orange delete.png shape square pink.png shape square pink add.png shape square pink delete.png shape square purple.png shape square purple add.png shape square purple delete.png shape square red.png shape square red add.png shape square red delete.png shape square yellow.png shape square yellow add.png shape square yellow delete.png star grey.png star half grey.png vector.png vector add.png vector delete.png

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