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Change registered email address

This form is used to change your registered e-mail addresses. Your registered addresses are used by Foswiki for sending you e-mails, including notifications of password changes. The addresses you register via this form are kept secret and will not be published anywhere on this site.

ALERT! Note: If Foswiki can't find a registered e-mail for you in the secret database, you will be unable to reset your password or take advantage of email notifications of topic changes. If your old e-mail addresses are all invalid (you can't receive mail there any more) and you have forgotten your password, please contact for help.

The e-mail address in your user topic is typically left blank. If you want to reveal an e-mail address to other users, you can manually edit your user topic to add an address. It does not have to be the same as the address used internally by Foswiki.

After submitting this form your e-mail will be changed, and you will be returned to this form.
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